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A story for Michelle

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 29, 2015, 5:42 AM

So something you all may or may not know is that I have for as long as I can remember, written funny stories for my friends.  It's usually around Christmas time, however upon talking to Queen Of The Van the other day I had somewhat of an idea.  

This is just something I wrote for her and she is probably the only one who will get it because it is filled with little jokes we have had over the course of at least 15 years.  No this is not typically the kind of thing I would post here... but it is the kind of thing I would write for her.  So... that being said... it is cool if nobody reads it or responds to it but her!  

I have no idea what to call this.... but here it goes....


It was the night of the concert and Todd couldn't wait
Surely Michelle would take the bait
He had arranged to come to her town
in hopes that the two of them would get down
He had planned it all out, even wrote a new song
because without her he had been down so long

As Michelle got ready for the big night
she couldn't help shed tears of delight
Todd was here, just few miles way
After so many years, today was the day
No, nothing would keep them apart this time
She laughed out loud yelling “Todd is mine!”

But somewhere close by in a dark scary den
someone else was excited to see Todd again
It was Michelle’s so called friend Chris
Who was determined Todd would be his
He carefully calculated his evil plan
To kidnap Todd right out of his van

As the three made their way to the same destination
Suddenly Todds van broke down without explanation
He cried as he cursed his broken van to hell
but then perked up when he heard a familiar yell
It was Michelles friend Chris from back in the day
walking to him waving his hand shouting “HEY!”

Todds heart leapt, there was still a chance
he would be with his woman at last
“Thank you Chris! Thank you so much!” Todd cried
If he missed his Michelle he would have just died
Chris smiled at Todd and pushed him into his car
he said he had to make a stop but it wasn't too far

As they drove off Chris smiled with glee
“Finally I have Todd... just for me!”
And Todd couldn't wipe the smile off his cheeks
For he had been smiling nonstop for two weeks
You see poor Todd was an innocent man
He had no idea of Chris' evil plan

A short time later they arrived at the lair
Chris knew nobody would look for Todd there
He pulled Todd inside and laid him on the table
Todd tried to scream but he was unable
Chris put a sock in Todds mouth and tied him down
Todd cried and cried but could make no sound

"Now Todd" yelled Chris "Now you will see...
You should have written your songs for me!"
Chris was just jealous he couldn't be in Todds band
Todd considered this as he tried to free his left hand
Just as Chris noticed Todd freeing himself
The front door burst open, and there stood Michelle!

"The jig is up Chris!  Unhand my man!"
"Oh no!" Chris cried, "It's the Queen on the van!"
"Yes" Michelle shouted "I've come for my king...
and to tell you that you suck, you can't even sing!"
"No Michelle" Chris said "I'm better than him!
just ask my groupies, Clair and Kim!"

"In fact the only reason I kidnapped your man
was to take MY rightful place as the queen of his van!"
"No!!!" screamed Todd as he fell to the floor
"My song was wrong and I wont be your whore!"
"Yeah" agreed Michelle then she punched Chris in the head
"Todd belongs to me.... my house... my bed!"

Todd shook his head "That is so true...
Michelle is my queen, MY VAN MY RULES!"
With Michelles help Todd got untied
and both smiled as Chris st there and cried.
He knew for certain as they walked away
Todd would never be his, he wasn't even gay.

Michelle took Todd away, back to her house
and he sang to her as she sat on her couch
Then he confessed that as of that night
he was finished with his popstar life.
But do not be sad for it all turned out well
They lived happily ever after and he still sang for Michelle.

The Happy Ending.  :)

P.S.... had I known Rob Thomas would be there as well... this story would have taken a completely different turn.  haha

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Textures by julkusiowa
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LOL @ my new webcam pic.  Well... go LOL at it dammit!


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