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LOL... I had to.

I will add to this eventually but my #1 has to be the one who inspired this...

1) GhostOfTheEmptyGrave
Oh yes....
Longcoat and shades by GhostOfTheEmptyGrave

To all who admire... You are welcome ;)




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Journal Entry: Sun Feb 7, 2016, 8:18 PM
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Let me explain...
So I have this t-shirt that has a unicorn on it.  The horn on the unicorn had a blade strapped to it and it says "I will cut you" on the t-shirt.  Addy is obsessed with unicorns and has at least a hundred unicorn shirts so I wanted to get one to match.  Of course it had to be badass though... or else it just wouldn't be Crissyish. 

Well every time I wear the shirt, Addy says "I WILL CUT YOU" in this crazy demonic voice she has.  I swear even before she could talk she would make noises in this voice whenever she went into psycho mode.

So I told Will about it and she did the voice for him one day and he laughed about it and came up with the idea that he was going to write a death metal song and at the beginning we would have Addy say that in her crazy demon voice.  Then he decided the lyrics to the song would actually be a cute story about unicorns that Addy had to write.

Well the other day Addy and I sat down and I asked her to make up a cute unicorn story and I would write it down.  Will still has to finish writing the music for it... but it is pretty hilarious if you think about the type of song its going to be and how its going to sound really evil and crazy but this is actually what the lyrics are....
This is what she came up with....

Once upon a time there was a little baby unicorn named Starla.
Starla made rainbows. 
She loved the colors of the rainbow.
Pink, and every color.
Starla likes to eat grapes.
Blueberries too!
Starlas best friend is a flying horse named Twilight.

They like to play and have fun.
They love to have games,
like jump rope and eating grapes.

Starla and Twilight love to love each other.
they are very best friends.
They love to sleep.
They are going potty
and after that they will eat some grapes.

Starla and Twilight love stars and hearts and triangles.
They also like balloons, earrings, rainbows and grapes.

They do NOT like light or air or boogers.
They hate doors and shorts
hair, eyeballs, and the letter O.
They don't like pictures,
unless it's a picture of a castle and a princess.

Starla and Twilight love wings and teddy bears.

They like money because they need to buy stuff
like blankets
because they keep you nice and cozy.

They also love trophies
and grapes.

The end.

LOL... yep... thats my kid. 
I have no idea why she was so obsessed with grapes that day.

Well... in other news... life has been pretty decent.  There are always tough moments of course but for the most part things are good. 

I was super pissed off the other day because this girl ordered a ton of woodburns from me.  Even had me rush to make two personalized ones for her boyfriend and she needed them by his birthday which was only a couple days away.  I gave her an awesome deal because she was buying so many.  But then she kept postponing when she would pick up and pay for them.  Anyway she and I got into a big argument over it.  It had already been months and then she wanted me to hold them for another month and I told her I would not and she got all pissed off at me.

I tried to understand her situation but I told her she needs to understand that i put time and money into this and i need to be reimbursed for it.  Whatever... I just learned my lesson.  Anyone who buys something has to pay up front from now on I guess.

But anyway, I was super angry that day and totally bitching about the situation to my boss.  Then my boss just screamed out of nowhere.  I was like.. wTF just happened.  She didn't say anything.  Then a minute later Will walked into the office.  I guess she had seen him through the window and got excited.  haha.  It was cute though.  He makes me feel special when he does sweet stuff like surprise me at work. :)  :heart:

We had a good weekend together.  Last weekend was good too actually.  Last weekend was his birthday party and we just got super drunk but had a good time with friends.  And then the next day we took the kids over his parents house and then we took them ice skating for the first time.

This weekend Addy and I had our usual Friday night shopping adventures.  Then we stopped over Wills on the way home.  Addy got to play with his neighbors kids a bit.  I really like his neighbors a lot.  They are good people, their kids are adorable and they are really good to Will.  I am glad he has awesome people right there for him.

Anyway on Saturday during the day I worked a bit and then me and the kids stopped over Wills so they could play with the neighbors kids some more.  I wasn't in a good mood at all.  I was just off for some reason.  He and I had a date night planned for later but I was trying to get out of it because i was in such a bad mood.  Finally he convinced me to come back over after I dropped the kids off.  I still wasn't in a good mood though.  But on the way home one of my friends called me to complain about his girlfriend.  He sensed my mood and told me to take my crabby pants off and stop being such a bitch.  So I decided I would. 

When I went back over Wills I was in a much better mood and we had a nice night together.

Today me and the kids got up early and went over his house because we had planned to go out shopping with his neighbors.  We did and then we went back to his house and played with the kids for a bit.  It was just a nice sweet day.  I hated having to leave. 

He really does make me feel like such a lucky girl.  And it's still.. like in the beginning... in such unexpected and unusual ways.  I adore him.... But I still can't say that I love him.  :(

I don't know... I am pretty sure I feel it... I just can't even come close to admitting it. 

Sucks to be so broken I guess.

But anyway....
just look......

im a lucky girl by MySocksRock

I'd be pretty stupid not to love the shit outta that right???!?!?!?!!?

Sigh.... :)

Okay I must go now.

Hope yall liked Addys story.  haha

Peace Friends...

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Sometimes I just sit in my office being awesome... and I think about how lucky all of you are to know me. ;)

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